It's all in the Way, you see it?

So I have been playing with a new art design in the last week or so, mostly cause I get that image in my head and I have to create it. A couple of you out there have seen bits and pieces of this, now I am not saying this is something new you may have seen it before. This is the first time I have done it, so I wanted to share some of my findings... cause really my site has come to be a little mental art show. I have taken the beloved children's folk hero Jack Bauer from the stories of your favorite book "24" and gave you different art aspects. First is the original, third is normal with smoke and the second is smoke with a little splatter [gives the effect that something terrible has happened]. Does any of art ones do anything for you, if so why... what do you like or don't like?

Would any of you like to be my victim, I have been using television/movie stars to produce there types of art... I wonder if any of you would like to be my models? I don't really have a name for it or don't really claim it to be something new once again, this is for me. For now we will call it "Pixel Persuasion" and you will probably see much more of it coming soon, but until then please check out my "Society6" art store.
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. I like! It looks really good. And Jack could always use more craziness in his life.

  2. We could ask for volunteers in your guest post on Friday!


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