What Scares You?

The morning news here in Chicago decided to promote the new movie "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" posing the questions in a facebook poll... which horror movie is your scariest movie? This makes me so made, it's a waste of time... not because the issue is this new movie scary or not. They want to know what scares us, why do they feel the need to bother us with it... the new movie will be watered down garbage. oooohhh not yet rated, which means I should be more afraid.. hiding under my covers now. In a lame attempt to pull us into the theater to see this Katie Holmes spook-tackler... right that scares me more.

So what I want is, what movie scares you and I don't want traditional movies like Nightmare on Elm St., Friday the 13th, The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre... Give me the Willies... Willie Wonkas not the local news trying to fill a story space. These are the same goons who when talk about the ghosts use X-files music or when go a story about space use the Star Trek themes.

Rant Thursday!
-Jeremy [iZombie] 
Play this when reading, cause I see a ghost!


  1. The first Nightmare on Elm Street was scary!

  2. Oddly enough...and for whatever reason, the movie that has caused me the most fear and grief is The Grudge. Stupid freakin' movie, but the noises the Japanese woman made and the meow coming out the kids mouth still freaks me out. I wish I could be more creative.

  3. this one is actually pretty spooky looking! :)

  4. Well for me growing up and to this day I am deathly afraid of the Chucky Doll, I know it's lame but that little bastard scares the shit out of me.

    Samara from the Ring always creeped me out especially when she crawled out of the well and t.v. After I saw that movie I couldn't sleep in my room for several weeks cause I had a t.v. in there.


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