WOW, Welcome Monday!

I am not sure where the time goes, one minute I am one place the next I am missing so much of that time. I am letting everyone know my book is up and available, I attempted to format to Kindle with a success of FAIL. Converted to WORD doc from .pdf file only to discover it added 120 blank pages, which I was able to delete from the document... the problem is it took the file size from a manageable 13megs to a large 358megs. Why?  I do not know, so I am trying to figure out the madness. So for those who might be interested please go here: "" and get the ebook from me direct.

Second you may have noticed that I have a profile face, the captain is dead... I was told by a dear friend that I have to start becoming a real person not the iZombie you all know. I have been around for awhile and I get emails asking me to show myself, I ask why... cause I am like Shrek [not really, I am not green]. Also some minor changes where up top you can see my crazy big banner for my online art/design, I think or hope that you all visit there I will be adding stuff weekly. If any of you know where a good place to offer/sell art, please let me know as I think my calling is to be a starving artist.

Last I love you all and I have lacking in all my comments and regular visits to all my favorite sites, but as you all have been reading I am frantically looking for work and suffer like many of the unemployed in this world. On happier note I am fighting Monday like a tiger, grrrr... and I hope to get back on track. All the best and the best of day to you all, remember to attack the zombie... before it attacks you!
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. I think that eye is gonna give me nightmares...

  2. Hey my favorite artist--how it going? I love the new banner. Very cool. I am excited to see what project you take on next. You are so diverse and so talented!

  3. Still not showing my face on my icon...
    Don't lose hope on finding a job, Jeremy!
    And never forget the double-tap.

  4. That's a scary looking eye. As for you eating corn for breakfast. I love corn for breakfast. So good.

    Have a groovy Monday.

  5. You're the first winner of the "zombie love" award. Congrats! Thanks for showin love for the zombies!


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