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I Get A Nod... from "It's On Random"

Me and My Shadow...
So it's a great day, not for many reasons... but for I was chosen to receive the first  "Zombie Love" Award from "It's On Random".  Thank you, thank you... I am honored to be noticed, it's a great feeling when people find joy in what I put up on this little zombie site. Brit is such a great support of this site, I should point out she is crafting some great items over on her site. You should go take a look see if there is something you could get there, and support her cause in the blog world.
-Jeremy [iZombie] 

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  1. Congrats man! Its on random is a pretty cool zombie blog.:)

  2. Congrats!

    Off to check out her site. Always happy to help out fellow bloggers.


  3. Awww thanks, you deserve it. Just wanted to give you some more spotlight!!!!!!!


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