Purple Alien... Named Al.

I was inspired to find a subject today, so I always do is go to my search in windows and type in the search box as I typed "Lamb". What I had gotten was 105 different items and nothing to do with the word "Lamb" and I will scroll down and see what I have to work with. So meet "Al" the purple alien from the planet "TS3", he just stopped on our planet Earth to tell you some exciting news about the book "Chatterbox" written by the guy who runs this zombie site. I know that's lame, but he is cute... right? See the question is more of how did I come up with the word "Lamb" as my original word in the first place. Now that is the real question.

 Yeah, that's a lot... I know!
So I have let you sort of know how I get inspired to make posts and that I have folder named "Stuff" that has roughly 187 gigs of random photos in it... that is more of an x-file if you ask me.

-Jeremy [iZombie] 

Ps what is up with blogger, today... all my text is jumbled.

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  1. If you made a shirt like that I would totally buy it!!


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