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21 Questions: Erin Marie Hogan [Actress]

21 Questions: Erin Marie Hogan [Actress]
My many interviews with the cast and crew of the great short film "Zombies and Assholes" is happening right now over at my review site: Going along with the Superman theme I have had I thought it was nice to find a photo of the lovely lady in her best super-girl gear, but how am I ever going to get you all to visit over there? So we have Zombies and Assholes, what could be better?

What are you waiting for, formal invitation?
You are personally invited to visit [2vs8]...
Go Now... Now!


  1. Now, wouldn't it seem like all zombies are assholes, but not all assholes are zombies? Hmm... Fun!

  2. Very cool! Thanks so much - love the interviews!


  3. Hi! First time on your blog and love it! Found you on Halloween Overkill. Have put you in my favorites and will be back soon ;-)


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