Rest In Peace...

Rest In Peace...
Sorry we lost a dear friend and composer the other day... Please click the image, read his works and listen to the track, THANK YOU. APRIL HAS IT'S TEARS!!

Gone Fishing?

For the next few days I will be gone until Monday and after you hear why you all will be so jealous, to the point where you will all be envious. Kidding, but here is my weekend on the one side of the street "Flashback Weekend 2011" and on the other "Chicago Comic Con 2011" [links at bottom]. I am not even sure if I have enough money for both conventions, but I am breaking open my piggy bank. I always hate going to them because it can be so expensive, but after I get home and start looking at the photos, freebies and all the memories I am like that was worth it... then I claim never to go again...

Chicago Comic Con 2011

Flashback Weekend 2011

Keep On Keeping....
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Go enjoy them both! Sounds like an awesome time.
    And excuse me missy, but you have a storm trooper on your butt.

  2. Have a great time, hope you get some cool swag and yes, I am jealous in huge neon green letters. :)

  3. There is so much win going on here it is unbelievable!

  4. I was going to go to that this year. Maybe next year.


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