So so much going on yesterday were you able to catch it all, wait let me back up that statement... so much going on over the last weekend I have to roll it into Tuesday's Post. 

First did you get a chance to read my insightful interviews with composers "BRUNO VALENTI" and "TONY LONGWORTH" and many reviews for summer films. A few more cool surprises to come, so for now click on over and take a look "HOWLIN' WOLF".

Second... Saturday we went to the "Bristol Renaissance Faire" just on the border of Wisconsin and this year I decided to shoot a bunch of videos that best shares the experiences. I was not able to capture everything, this place is huge and fun for ye all. See the "VIDEO" below?

Third spent the day with my beautiful wife and went to see "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" and had a nice dinner... then watched "The Collector" and "The Collection". You might recall I got the chance to have a nice meet and greet with the cast and crew of the sequel "The Collection" at the "Days of the Dead" last year. Well here is the link if you want to read a little more about it... "CLICK HERE". We are hoping to be able to cover it this year, we are still a few months away from November.

And forth I found out that my new T-shirt designs "NEATORAMA" are now posted and available, so many new characters you should know and a few tributes to films you love! See the "MINIONS" above?

And lastly... did you get a chance to visit my "IT'S TIME" book tour, you know there are some prizes/giveaways... I have had only one official entry "one"... that is not a whole lot. It is making me sad, sad that you don't want free stuff. The "TOUR DATES" and "GIVEAWAYS" are at top just below the title, you can do it... yes you can. Some of you have been following the tour and I love you for that, you have a special place in my heart!

Have a great day!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. I didn't think that was your wife! What was up with the banana?
    My wife will want that Minions shirt.
    Glad you checked out the faire and spent the day with your wife. What more could any man want?

    1. Alex,

      I just edited the post a hair, I was referring to Annabelle from Percy Jackson... she is a doll!

      the lady was a little adult with the banana, she asked me to come back to her place for a little play time. She was really a great fun lady, more video to come.

  2. and in other news, Percy Jackson flopped big time at the box office this weekend ..... it might earn some more money around the world, though.... kinda like the Smurfs :)

  3. Percy makes his money overseas (I guess for the son of Poseidon that makes sense!) Great tour you're having!

  4. What a bloody squawker she was! Armed with a banana? I just hope the Queen's bodyguards took her down and disarmed her.

    As for Percy Jackson, they recently showed the first film recently, and not having seen it before I thought I'd give it a go. What a pile of dross and shite acting. Turned it off after 20 minutes. Harry Potter it will never replace. Sorry folks.

  5. That video is great man. What a tour Jeremy! Can't wait till our post goes up. If I can make a suggestion, you should add a link to the tour at the bottom of each post. I'm on a mobile phone and I can't see the links.

  6. I want a minion's shirt too! I'll check the giveaway page right away. What I've been missing!


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