Have you Met... Mark K.?

Mark K
A creative outlet for writing, gaming and life.

A friend to some, a memory to others and a stranger to most. A frustrated creative with mixed passions like wires at a telephone exchange. Welcome to my outlet. I hope this blog will entertain in parts, whilst being slightly helpful and informative in others. Thank you for visiting.

Great Stories, great post... nice person and someone you ought to know! MARK K:
-Jeremy [Retro]


I am everywhere: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, HOWLIN’ WOLF: OLM and HBA [HORROR SITES]. Last visit MY T-SHIRTS STORE at NEATORAMA something always going on and it is one click away!


  1. is that eye trying to hypnotize us to go over to Mark's place?

  2. Yup! Great guy. Will visit again. Can't wait to see you tomorrow at my place!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. Heading there now!

    Hey, Jeremy! BAZINGA!!!


  4. Holy double-takes, Batman, erm... I mean, Jeremy!

    I wasn't even aware you'd done this. So flattered, and embarrassed - but extremely chuffed (I hope to God the word 'chuffed' doesn't mean something freaky in the US?).

    I have to say, regarding stories and poems, they have all been removed I'm afraid, due to copyright and other issues. So sorry :(

    But a major 'thank you' to you, Jeremy :) and to those who have dropped by. It's nice to feel like part of the blogoverse once again.


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