Who's a Bad Robot?

So the discussion continues about J. J. Abrams doing the directing of the new "Star Wars" film, we talk about it because he is the director of Star Trek [2009] and soon Star Trek: Into The Darkness [2013]. Clashing of titles is all I see, for me I felt his direction of Star Trek's look and feel was great. I know I wanted to see that film twice and people trust me... I know I didn't want to see the Prequels twice. Not that I didn't enjoy them, not it at all... it just I saw them, done... period.

I think I am equally a fan of both sets of films... one has great visuals, story and characters... and the other has Light-sabers. I heard it once called "Life-Sabers"... smack and I don't very often.

Though I kid you... I am a fan of both for as long as I can remember! So what are your thoughts... Jedi, Star Fleet or Sith?
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. I have no desire to see the new Star Wars movie. I wasn't a fan of the previous ones so I know I won't be a fan of the reboot, remake or whatever they're calling it. ;)

  2. Iron on Star Wars transfers? I want!

  3. The problem with the prequels (and I'm sure you've heard it) is that Lucas crammed too many connections to the original in them. Add in the fact that the writing was and acting was wooden, there wasn't any chemistry between the actors and it was a CGI orgy and you get a clusterboink! (see me not cussing?)

    I'll stop now.

    I'm not saying that the original trilogy was perfect but the story was better and honestly more believable.

    I am looking forward to the reboot simply because I think Abrams can do it justice - he's a fanboy and did well with Star Trek. My one hope is that he doesn't try to cram old characters into like the prequels. I wouldn't mind, even, not seeing an old Luke, Han or Leia - give us the kids and move on.

  4. The first animation is funny.
    The first Star Wars movie was a pivotal point in my life and influenced my writing. The first trilogy was awesome, while the second set just about ruined it for me. (But no, I'll just never watch them again.)
    That said - I have ALWAYS been a Star Trek fan, from original series through the new movies. Trek will always win over Wars for me, and I'd much rather see a new Star Trek film than a new Star Wars any day.

  5. It's funny. Trek has gone through so many incarnations, so many casts, so many formats, that another reboot should have been easy to swallow. I loved TOS, TNG, and DS9 . . . and liked parts of Voyager and Enterprise. I saw the movies, I read the novels, and there was even a period where I devoured the comics.

    Despite all that, Abrams vision just fell flat for me when I saw it on the big screen once. I didn't hate it, I just have no desire to ever watch it again.

    As for him getting his hands on Star Wars, I honestly don't know what to think. It's Star Wars, so I'll give it a chance, but I really have no expectations at this point, good or bad.

  6. Not a fan of Abrams whatsoever, so I'll be seeing this movie never. Too bad, someone badass could have done it! Not a fan of the prequels though, die-hard fan of the originals though!

  7. to me this all depends on the casting. STAR TREK have had the most amazing one, with utterly brilliant Urban, Quinto, Cho, even Pine and Saldana and Yelcin. If they cast STAR WARS wrongly, the film will fail for me.

  8. I enjoyed the Star Wars Prequels but, to be honest, I haven't bought them or watched them more than once.

    STAR TREK, on the other hand, is in my library and I loved the movie. Did a good job and gave a good feel to it. I'm looking forward to the release of this one. :-)


  9. That Bad RObot image is great, and I think I actually had some of those Iron-ons. Those were the days Jeremy.

  10. I'm a die-hard fan of both franchises!


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