TELL ME TUESDAY: What did they say?

Here is your chance to "quote" from the Walking Dead... what do you think that they might be saying... make it funny or serious...

I am happy for all the friends and now my new Minions: Assemble for the "A to Z Challenge"... my first for active duty for them and you all is to go enter a few giveaways... Don't make me bring my kitty out, with those sad eyes of curiosity...

Come on it's easy... just make a comment, you are entered!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 


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  1. "Dude, don't do it..."
    "I refuse to enter any giveaways, zombie kitty!"
    Yeah, way too early in the morning for something intelligent.
    At least you get to bring out kitty now.

  2. "Oh my God! The McRib is back!"

    "Rick was right. I should have stayed at the prison with him."

  3. "Hello! I have never seen a zombie hooter"

    "And her booby just fell off..."

  4. Daryl: Tell 'em we want our own zombie on a leash.

    Merl: Yeah. We want our own zombie on a leash! If not, I'll stab your a...with my knife-hand!

    You make tshirts, right? And do you make bookmarkers, too? Because I'm a total techno-tard. Please let me know.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Merle gets on my nerves so much, he and Andrea... wish zombies would just eat them both...

  6. I don't have a funny, but did enjoy the comments.

  7. On my signal we're going to rush them.
    'I'm hungry, sure wish he'd get on with it.'

  8. "This neighborhood gets worse everyday..."
    "Who ordered the anchovy pizza?"

  9. The kitty made me do it!

    Entered as per instructions - as a good little minion should. ;)


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