So Much Going On... I Forgot About This...

So the great week I am having it is turning out to be interesting, I found out some news that I cannot wait to share. It's been a grand jump for the "A TO Z CHALLENGE"... did you see how many people signed up in like 24 hours of it opening?

So I had been asked by a few people about my t-shirt art/design to the right, you know the one with the beautiful young lady in the photo. Some wanted to know if she was a provided model or did I know Stephanie, well truth is she is a friend... and I am glad to know her, she is going places. Such a talented lady, this photo was taken by me on my official photographer "Stephen Scott" shoot [you should like his page]... I just took a few shots along the way.

So what are you all doing this weekend, I think there is a big game coming up... I have no idea. I am a guy who knows Star Trek, Soundtracks and other Nerdly things and I am damn proud of it. We all are good at many things, I just choose the odd things.

Have a great couple of days and remember "no matter where you go, there you are!"
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Pretty young lady.
    Yes, well on our way to five hundred participants. Guessing we'll soar over two thousand this year.
    Odd is good. I like odd things. Of course, I also like sports, especially football, so definitely watching the game on Sunday.

  2. Have a great weekend yourself, there. No big plans on my end. Just more resting and if the snow lets up, maybe a trip to Barnes.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  3. I'm just watering the peonies here, don't mind me....

  4. Superbowl this weekend if I can stay awake?

  5. She has a lot of talent! Great friend Jeremy.
    - Maurice Mitchell

  6. Your friend is very nice looking...and that video sounds a lot like Hailstorm. I like it.


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