Google+ Me!

I am taking baby steps, I seem to get to the point of switching and I have only heard good things about switching to use it for groups and my blogs.

Can someone please tell me the advantages to this, I am not one for change and this freaks me out to  leaping... leaping and my shaky slow-hand.

I will be waiting for the solid on this, in the mean time I will read this page of novelties... got to get me a Jackass Mirror...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. I've been on Google Plus since almost the start and I can tell you, it's head and shoulders above Facebook in functionality and ease of use.

    Sorting who goes where and whom you interact with is very easy with the circle method. If someone wants to follow you, you don't have to return the favor in order for this to happen. You can have as many, or as few, followers/people you follow as you want.

    Let me know if you join up and I'll put you in my "Bloggers" circle :)

  2. Jeremy,
    What Mark said. You have a better quality of responses.

  3. I'm on Google+! No idea what I'm doing there. Just don't make Google+ the profile for your blogger profile. Then it becomes difficult to find your blog for some people.

    1. Didn't know that! I'm changing it back today!

  4. I've been wondering about Google+, also. So I'll be following the comments here to get opinions!

  5. I'm on Google Plus because Google once put me there LOL but I still don't know what's the point, I think it's a huge conspiracy and they use it to track us down in all possible moments.

  6. I don't use Google+ that often besides auto-posting my blog posts to my profile, but now that Facebook pages have become money-crazy and my posts don't reach too many people, I too may be looking to become more involved with the Plus.

  7. For someone like myself joining Blogger and Google + at the same time is not a good idea. Get your kinks out with Blogger 1st. Some where I forget right now there is a setting to automatically post your blog posts to Google +. Mine was set to automatically post to Google +.

    A couple of my 1st few posts I edited 2 or 3 times which means they got posted to Google + 2 or 3 more times. Definite no-no I got flagged as spam. THey did take the offending posts off the delete list after I resubmitted them but I wish I knew that before I started.

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  8. Jeremy - G+ is the future. Any blogger not establishing a presence there is crazy. You must verify the authorship of your blog with Google. The only way you can do that is by joining G+.

    With all respect, I have to disagree with a couple of the suggestions above.

    I've never heard that using your G+ profile for your blog profile is a bad idea. I think the opposite is true. The whole point of G+ is to tie all your Google tools together.

    Also - It's a BIG mistake to just use G+ to post your blog posts. Just like any other network, 75% of what you post should be other people's stuff.


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