Girl in a BATHTUB... Awaits You! Say it with a SMILE!

So lots of cool and interesting things going on today, funny thing is that they are not happening here... nope. So I got a great interview with composer "Edwin Wendler", which is you should enjoy... well you better, I try to bring new faces to the world. Second the label I work for "Howlin' Wolf Records" just released it's 14th release "In The Name Of Sherlock Holmes", this is a great piece of music from another great artist "RĂ³bert Gulya"... and a special direction for the label.

And last I have been working with great friend Alex J. Cavanaugh for a few weeks on some projects... also I am guest hosting there today to tell you a little more about it. So the truth is nothing is happening here, it's all at the other sites... so click a link and you will be magically transported...

I got you here with the teaser post header, now I want you... need you to click away!  It's great to have good news for a change... now go! Click Now!

Now I also want you to come back and report your findings... it's okay you have all weekend!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Girl in bathtub - yes please!
    Honored to host you today and unveil the awesome secret project. You the man!

  2. Just came over from Alex's, love the t-shirt!

  3. Ur like an octopus today - spreading your tentacles all around :)

  4. Once again, you suckered me in with the promise of titallation! I'm beginning to think that says more about me than I'm comfortable admitting . . .

  5. Very cool. Can't wait to see all the new stuff.

  6. Best headline ever. Wow do you ever sleep?


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