What is WORSE than a MONKEY on your Back?

Yikes!! [Image from unknown source on web]

So I promise no more DAYS OF THE DEAD stuff, well at least the people I tried to contact for an interview... those people are still being revealed as I get them in. Stop back on Monday for one of those that I have been holding onto until the last of the crazy new year ends. Here is the always lovely "P.J. Soles" from Halloween, Stripes and Rock N Roll High School... Followed by Nivek Ogre from Repo! The Genetic Opera and band SKINNY PUPPY.

Have a glorious weekend... may the sun be bright. TOTALLY!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. From Halloween and Stripes - now there's two movies on opposite sides of the spectrum.
    Looking forward to Monday!

  2. is that Paulie, the pet tarantula?

  3. My worst fear in all the land and there it was, right there in my feed! AAAHHH, how will I sleep tonight with that image of that spider stuck in my brain?

  4. Ask Bear Grills. He would love to barbq every bugs.


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