Where... Do We... Go From Here?

Getting all my ducks in a row for the last couple of days... backing up, doing some designs and thinking about 2013. I know I need a job, what kind of a job will have me... this is year four without a steady place. Mostly freelance and the good heart'd donation I get once in awhile. I have joined forces with Howlin' Wolf Records and things could not be better... it's the family I would love to work full time. 

I have added a few sponsors/contributors to my in the last week, I am thrilled to death... tell you more as I know more. Many great coming interviews and the last of the photos from the conventions I was fortunately able to go to like "DAYS OF THE DEAD"... and upcoming ones too. Last my great friends here is cyberspace, those who keep encouraging me to keep moving forward... look behind noticing the bad stuff as something learned.

So looking back, never look back you are all too good for that... I think I asked before "Where Do We Go?" So let us welcome in the 3013 with open arms, so where the journey takes us... please for goodness sake, go forward. I hope to bring some SHOUT OUTS to those friends, this year... there are great people out there and you should know them [maybe you do all ready].
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Moving forward is a good thing. You're going all the way to 3013? Ambitious :) Good luck with the job hunt thing.


  2. Oh; you know, a new shirt about how boring the Mayan end of the world was would probably sell well right now :)


  3. Big stuff will come and you will be fine without the job. You'll see - just trust.
    And back in the day, I thought Heather was hot.

  4. I've always loved Josh Stewart, he has something very interesting in him

  5. Wishing really good things for you in 2013...but no zombies, at least not real ones. :D


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