Scream and SHOUT OUT!

This is the point that I try to promote something... this time it is me... I do this every so often, this year will be no different. I got some sad news, that I cannot share... it is a real tear jerking blow to some of my dear friends... which I cannot express my sadness to them. My heart and love is sent, may the gods shine bright in these dark times and you can punch the wall that is in front of you.

I am sorry wanted to share that, which has nothing to do with my reason for the post. I am trying to raise your awareness to the things I have to offer you all in the world of blogging.

Everything I can do for you and your blog/site:

Book/ebook Covers

Want something animated, slideshow [video] or a t-shirt… well then look no further!

I have been around for five years blogging and designing things for many of you and I wanted to open it up to a larger audience. You will get my attention, I will listen to your wants and needs… you dream it, I build it. Corny yes, but I am one who cares how you look… It’s time to be different, so be different!

So for what I can do and the very.. reasonable prices I have, it's like hiring your own personal designer. If you look around you can see some of the things I have done, it speaks for itself...
-Jeremy [Retro]

Just made this for my new friends music site...

Check out the latest reviews, music and scores/soundtracks at Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine or find the latest horror sites over at Horror Blogger Alliance. Or last but not least visit My NEATORAMA Store at [Retro-Zombie] there is always something going on and it is one click away!


  1. And you do amazing work! Anyone who doubts can come look at the amazing animated banner that you created for me.
    Very sorry for the sadness of your friends.

  2. you sell yourself well, my paduan!

  3. I'll probably hire you someday when I'm ready to update my banner and background, Jeremy. Your work is stellar.

  4. Great work. You make good stuffs.


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