Nutter Sandwich! and Some Picklers...

So here it is Friday, what you doing to this weekend I am planning to make a trip to the city of Chicago for it's annual Zombie Walk. I will be taking photos I hope, I have not gone for a few years due to the crazy commitments I carry. I have been using the word "Nutter", "Nut" or "Ball-Nut" Sandwich all week, not really sure why... it just sounds funny. 

I found myself watching all of the "Alien" films this week, mostly cause I wanted to get excited to see the prequel "Prometheus" and I have not got the fever for it yet... though something is coming out of my stomach. Also been enjoying all the film scores to all of them, you should listen to them too... go ahead find them. I am also feeling the 1980's vibe, so I have been pondering the cool things and what would have made the 1970's a little better... I want more... more... more.

Have a Nutter-Day!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. I'll stick with Alien and Aliens. It's all I really need.
    I'm fond of Nut-Bar. :)

  2. Jeremy, watching all the Alien movies is just asking for your brain to jump out of your head and run for the door. I wouldn't make it past Alien III.

  3. Stick to the first two! And watch Aliens twice. Game is NOT over!


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