September 2, 2011

Yes, I am George Clooney
if I looked Like This...

Greetings Sno-Caps Lovers, 
I hope the world is treating you right, I wanted to tell you some great and exciting news from my world so great I had to share some of it. I have been working with Murray Anderson on his latest book release called "Tommy Fodwooger's Sleuth Club - The Case Of the Horseradish Chocolate", this being my first "Young Adult/Children's Book" I helped design the cover.  I was a bit nervous cause it could have gone many different artistic ways and yes you all are thinking the same thing... I can do nice art too.

I am also Guest Hosting over at "" where I will be telling the meaning of life, no kidding it was great for Alex to let me play over in his pool... hope I can swim. I know there are great prizes available, maybe one of those floaty things you put in the water. So please go check out all the fun. Have a great long weekend. 
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. The cover looks excellent, Jeremy!
    And happy to host you today.

  2. I think George clooney would make a suave zombie. lol.

  3. I posted on Alex's site and then I come here and there is talk of chocolate! You do have zombie insight, lol

    Congrats, the cover looks intriguing, what a title! Well Done~ I'm so jealous, where is my chocolate ;D

  4. That was a great guest post.
    Great jorb!


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