Chatterbox is on Kindle!... and Spiders!

Good Wednesday Everybody!
First, I wanted to let you all know my ebook "CHATTERBOX" is available at AMAZON and if you go to my site for this ebook, you will find a special offer: "". So I ask you all so kindly to please check it out, and if you have read my book please give a shout out on your site. Please don't make me beg, too much!

Second, over the weekend I went to a WWII re-enactment on Saturday and had pretty girl model photo-shoot on Sunday. Wanting you all to know that lightening struck twice for me and I will explain why, for those who want to read on. Several years ago I shot a spider attacking another spider on the side of a train while I watched nature attack. On Saturday same thing big spider gets little spider, now I don't how often this occurs... what are the chances of seeing it twice? I will only share the photos if you want, I was told not to put these up cause some get the scare in them.

-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. You have your own book?!Awesome!! I as soon as I get some money I am so buying it! :)

  2. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing the results from the photo shoot. Sounds like it turned out great!

  3. congrats on getting your book on amazon. when we get our book finished we will have to do the same (hopefully in the ibook store as well).

    and I would really love to see pictures of a spider eating a spider.

  4. Glad your book is on Kindle! Now, post those spider photos.


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