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Clowns Are Creepy!

Here is looking at you kid!
So like the caterpillar to the butterfly... things are changing, for the better. So Halloween is coming and you all are feeling the breath of winter upon you... which scares you most? This weekend I am going to another WWII Re-enactment, this one is the biggest in the area that I have gone to for three years in a row.  What are you all doing for fun, where might you be going or are you stuck with the "Honey-do" list?

Happy Friday
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Um, yeah they are! Thanks for the nightmares, and enjoy your weekend!

  2. goodness that is one freaky clown!! O.o

  3. Clowns are creepy.
    I hope to finish critiquing Jeffrey's book this weekend. Will you be taking photos at the re-enactment?

  4. I want to do a zombie walk but can't find any in my area... :[

    But I guess I'll just settle and go to Halloween horror nights.

  5. Not much. Soccer with the kids, football and beer.


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