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Life is a Ass-hat!

Why do movies FAIL, why do they even waste money making these time-wasters?

Now I love going to see movies at the show, then lost my job and now only go for special occasions or movies of Harry Potter magnitude... not saying I won't go see the films below, just I can wait.

Fright Night
Conan 3D
Green Lantern
The Smurfs
Cowboys And Aliens
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

What films have you seen that you looked forward to seeing, that just didn't add up to your expectations. Now I am not saying the films above are bad, just why don't these movie companies come to me or fans who can tell you before you waste the money. Everyone cannot have the "Napoleon Dynamite" or "The Hangover" oops success, but you have to stop listening to the numbers and really figure out what we want.

Upcoming FAIL FILMS [just to name a few]:

I Don't Know How She Does It
Straw Dogs
Machine Gun Preacher
Real Steel
The Thing

-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Conan could've been better. I've already decided The Thing will be an epic fail.

  2. CREATURE!!!! I know but I was expecting bad but still something that I would like.

  3. They are remaking footloose?! WHY?!?!?

  4. YOu forgot to mention Battleship in the upcoming fail movies. I kid you not that movie is coming out (based on the boardgame) looks terrible and has nothing to do with Battleship.

  5. Fright Night was horrid! Thank you for having that first in the failed section. I saw regular Conan not 3D & I thought it was entertaining....and a manly man movie if that makes sense!

    There is this low budget film I'm looking forward to see called Midnight Son. And also The Women.

    Abduction, Staw Dogs, The Thing does look like it'll be awesome. I don't know about Footloose, I haven't seen previews yet!


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