Howlin' Wolf Records Presents:

Quentin Tarantino - PULP FRIDAY!

So ever felt the need to punch someone
in the face, or for the ladies
kick them in the junk?

Happy Friday all my faithful readers and followers, make the best of what days you have off... I might be lurking around the corners.... so be safe!
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Thats funny cuz I was watching that on netflix last night! lol.

  2. Pulp Fiction is a film that I rather disliked when I first saw it, then after repeated viewings it has become one of my favorites. Guess it didn't all come together for me in the first viewing.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Happy Friday! He was in an episode of the Golden Girls lol.

  4. I have so felt the need to deliver a junk kick. Tarantino is one of my faves and these clips have made my night.

    Sorry I've been off grid. Am still playing catch up from my deadline hiatus.

  5. Pulp Fiction (and Quentin Tarantino in general) is probably what got me into facing the bloody/crazy and scary in movies!

    thanks for your kind comment Jeremy. I hope the scrambling for work is a good kind. I myself am also scrambling to try to GET work... anyhoo twas nice to hear from you again, take care!



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