It's a MURDER of Crows Along the TOMB!

The Mummy's Tomb is the 1942 horror film sequel to The Mummy's Hand (1940). Lon Chaney, Jr. disliked the role of Kharis the mummy. Make-up artist Jack Pierce spent up to eight hours to wrap Chaney. A rubber mask was used for long shots. For unknown reasons, Wallace Ford's character's name is changed from Jenson from the previous film to Hanson in this film.

The Mummy's Tomb picks up the story thirty years after the conclusion of the previous last film. It begins with Steve Banning (Dick Foran) reciting the story of Kharis to his family and evening guests in his Mapleton, Massachusetts home. Footage from The Mummy's Hand appears as Banning tells his tale. As he concludes his tale of the successful destruction of the creature, the scene switches back to the tombs of Egypt.
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  1. The character's name probably changed due to a typo...

  2. Good Ole Wallace Ford. he appeared in so many of these but i always think fondly of him in "Freaks". These films are just so much fun

  3. The poster has nice mix of fluid looking colors in it.

  4. The mummy legends always make for good horror. Even seeing them in a museum is creepy.
    Susan Says


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