Go Play With Yourself or a Friend?

If I could I would play with her and hopefully without a restraining order... something about her and her character makes her extra pleasant to us nerds... I do not consider myself more than 50% nerd and the rest geeky not, geek!

Don't get stranded looking like this, it's more fun to have a back up plan... do you have a back up plan?

Mystic Warlords of Ka'a  Game!

I throw you an Enchanted Bunny... Have a great weekend!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Loved your enchanted bunny!

    50% nerd and the rest geeky not, geek... that would be around 75% nerd? I'm not that good at Math...

  2. What guy wouldn't want to play with her?
    I'm thirty percent geek, thirty percent metalhead, and forty percent Ninja.

  3. that bunny looks like it was fathered by a gremlin :)

  4. Kaley has a lot of spunk and is easy on the eyes. Her gift at comedy makes her character work. I'd say I'm equal part geek and nerd myself.

  5. Kaley's hotness makes that show...her oufits usually make her!


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