Albert Pyun's Triple Threat Film Festival - Round Up!

So what can I say other than it was an experience to be part of the evening at the Patio Theater in Chicago, as I thought it would be. I met some interesting people from moviegoers to the hard to pin down director Albert Pyun, though I did. I was telling Cynthia who I found to be charming and too is the producer and more of Curan Pictures... there are two types of fans, well maybe three.

One is the type that knows everything about every project you have every worked on and sometimes knows more than you do in some cases. We will call them "Stalkers". Second is the staring person who smiles a lot with out much words at the person who holds fame under their belt. We will call them "Pupils". Last is that person who wants to challenge you to everything you have ever done and says they are a fan, but go on the defense. Call them the "I Know, I Know".

I am sure there are like nine more types, but we are talking about these for the moment... not that they are bad, just the type. I think I got to see all those faces over the evening as I became the "Watcher" seeing the interesting yet kind people rolling in on this Triple Threat Film Festival that included "Cyborg: Director's Cut, "Road To Hell" and "Nemesis" which featured the talents of Albert Pyun and Cythnia Curan.

I wanted to thank them for their long journey across the country with their beautiful dogs in the back as they brought their world to us. Also Marc Heller who put all the pieces together and brought some great items and special guest that include one of the original editors of Cyborg "Rosanne Zingale"... and "Dru-Anne Perry" actress of a couple of Albert's films [Dangerously Close and Vicious Lips]. I hope to bring you an interview with them a little later, these ladies were so wonderful.

Last to thank Wall Crumpler [Howlin' Wolf Record] and Tony Riparetti [Composer] for getting all the items I needed to ready for the great people who came. I am sure I am forgetting a few people I hope they know I didn't mean to... but this is turning into a long love letter.

Last... last if you are interesting in getting one of our scores and very limited signed "Cyborg" Cd's with Composer, Director and Editor... please let me know... I have a few left.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Want to hear more about the odd fans!
    Glad it was an interesting and fun night for you.
    And that dude has some hair!

  2. glad you had fun, Zombie Master, I knew you would!

  3. There are lots of different kinds of fans and they all bring much to the community. The directors cut is 28 years in the making! Very cool interview.


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