Isabel Gone Wild... really not!

And the end is near for "The Walking Dead"
This is my girl, Isabel and she is funny to hop up our stairs, I finally got it on film... If you like it please "share it"... Sorry there was not a lot this week, been last minute prepping for the AtoZ Challenge... it's only a few days away.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. that's so funny! she's adorable!

  2. Ah you also have a Chihuahua? They're great.

  3. the dog has zombie eyes!
    Can't wait for the final episode of WALKING DEAD! Hope my team wins!

  4. You have some awesome pets Jeremy. Thanks for getting them on film. AFHV calls!

  5. Could not see the vid, alas. I'll have to imagine her hopping the stairs. I can't believe tha Walking Dead is almost over and we have to put up with Mad Men. They should kill off that entire cast of crashing bores. Walking Dead meets Mad Men...Hell to the yeah!

  6. Awwww. Dogs are so loyal and trusting. One dog of ours 'Skippy' loved barking at things that moved until one day he got too close.

  7. Intriguing website --- although I am finding it somewhat ironic that a ZOMBIE site takes forever to load and freezes up my computer system in the process. Call it coincidence? Hmmm.

    HAPPY A to Z!

    Ready to go with EIGHT blogs in the April A-Z Challenge! Mine are 475 - 483 on the A-Z list.

    Two of these blogs (Simply Snickers and The Meme Express) will offer DAILY writing/blogging prompts and A-Z words throughout the month of April. The Meme Express welcomes A-Zers to leave daily comments, linking back to their alphabetic posts.

    Thanks for helping with the hosting of the A to Z Challenge! Here we go-o-o-o!

  8. My computer is all wonky and I can't view the video.


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