"U" Underworld vs Underworld

Who will win, you decide... VOTE NOW!

Underworld: Evolution vs 
Underworld: Awakening

A to Z Challenge is a simple one, you choose a winner. Two will fight in battle, so pick either one or choose a tie and then tell us why?.. So it's easy pick one and why... Three... Two... One...Go!

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There is really one winner here and that is Kate Beckinsale...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

 The vampire underworld is much larger than most people could imagine. It exists in all the cities mentioned in the book, but also in many, many more. Teenagers, especially, seem to like to act out vampire fantasies.
-James Patterson


  1. Neither - I refuse point blank to vote based on the fact that she is the most annoying woman on the planet (second only to me :) )

  2. The first Underworld but it's a close one!

  3. Now that's not fair!! Guess I'll go with the younger Kate.

  4. What was the name of the second one? The one where Marcus is a giant bat? That's my favorite.

  5. Poor Alex! Having to choose just one Kate!

    You are so evil!

    In a delicious sort of way.

    I have to go with Evolution only because I haven't seen Awakening. Yet.

  6. I'm gonna have to go with Evolution!

  7. I only recognize is Kate. She's a winner.

  8. I say the first one, only because I never saw those that came after.

  9. Evolution. It went downhill after that.

  10. I haven't seen the new one yet so I'll have to withhold my vote. For now it's sitting in my Netflix queue pending a release date of 5/8/12.

  11. I have to say Awakening, but enjoyed both:)


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