So Sunday Here You Are....

It's been a crazy couple of days for me, finally got a few of days of freelance that came my way and you know I needed it. Second, the amount of cool folks stopping by for the "A to Z Challenge" has been huge, I cannot tell you all how happy I am. Third,  my book got released as I have been seeing or I have been making it apparent on every single post [wink].

Forth, my friend Nate from "Left Hand Horror" and "OldGameReviewer" did a interview with me about me, it's a different side of me. Some things you may not know about me, so I encourage you all to stop over and say hello...

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

Ps. Everyone who cares thinks that she is going to make a horrible Catwoman for the new Dark Knight Movie, well I don't think that is fair. So far I am pleased with what I have seen, either way it's going to be one of biggest films of the summer.



  1. Happy Sunday - thought I might deal out an award too!

  2. Wow, busy week. Congrats on all. And what actress is going to play Catwoman?

  3. She can't be as bad as the Halle Berry one. Honestly, she wouldn't be my first choice, but I think she has the range.


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