"T" Tommy... Tommy... Tommy

Who will win, you decide... VOTE NOW!

Tommy Walker vs Tommy Callahan III

A to Z Challenge is a simple one, you choose a winner. Two will fight in battle, so pick either one or choose a tie and then tell us why?.. So it's easy pick one and why... Three... Two... One...Go!

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Can you see me... Can you Hear Me...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

The trouble with being a ghostwriter or artist is that you must remain rather anonymously without credit. If one wants the credit, one has to cease being a ghost and become a leader or innovator.
-Bob Kane


  1. Tommy Callahan because that movie is probably one of my favorites. It kills me every time!

  2. Tommy Walker: He has a better soundtrack.

  3. Not a fan of either, but must give props to The Who.

  4. No offense to The Who but Callahan would probably win accidentally any way.

  5. Tommy Boy has just the right amount of imbalance that he would win.

  6. This is the toughest vote yet, but I'm going to have to go with Tommy Boy on this one.

  7. this was a difficult vote for me too---i would have to choose tommy walker--special meaning to me <3

  8. Yeah, I kind of agree with Joshua. I vote Tommy Boy.

  9. Hello.
    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge.

    I don't care for either, but I do know of The Who. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm a first-time participant and just want to give a big "thank you" to you and the other co-hosts for organizing the A-Z Challenge. I'm having lots of creative fun.

    Day 20 (23): Tearful Maiden


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