You Write The Caption [There Will Be A PRIZE]

Okay to go with my switch over to the "RETRO" side of things I am going to try adding stuff that sort of fits and this is the first of many. What you need to do is "WRITE A CAPTION" for the open "comic bubbles" in the comments and the funniest one will win... something. So in the immortal words of Joker... "Here We Go"...

Something Like This:
01. You have won a taco!
02. That door keeps playing a knock-knock joke on me...

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. Balloon 1: Whitney Houston is dead......
    Balloon 2: That must be Bobby Brown!

  2. In the first bubble: Brrrraaaaiiinnnssss...

    Last bubble: Since when do zombies knock politely?

  3. Crap, my brain is not working this morning...

  4. 01. "Collect call from Mr. R. Carter for Dr. West. Do you accept the charges?"

    02. "That foul stench--it could only be Lavinia's dad--that guy really needs to take a bath. Well, he's crazy if he thinks he'll stop us from getting married..."

  5. "You cannot marry that girl! She's a zombie."

  6. Angry said to come over and pay you a visit as he'd won this contest. He's very happy right now. but he really wants is a zombie head pencil holder. Can you please give him one, I think he needs it.


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