You Write The Caption [There Will Be A PRIZE]

Stop Or I Will...
Round Two of "WRITE THE CAPTION" this time Zebra-Man has his hands full and only you can help him or tell him why. Yes this is really called Zebra-Man Adventures and there will be the prize for the best comic book bubble caption.

Who doesn't love this song, it holds up... if you don't agree I will fight you. No not some slapping, I mean on the ground roll around sock you in the puss kind of fighting.

Happy Monday!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. I've won already so I should be exempted but

    1. The Artist is a good movie...
    2. ..and no dialogue either!

  2. 1. You are messsing with the wrong person today. The dry cleaners shrunk my favorite cape.
    2. And the only super suit I had clean was this stripped spandex one. Horizontal stripes make my ass look huge and I don't even have a decent cape to hide it!

  3. Frame 4: Nobody... but nobody...

    Frame 5: ...puts baby in a corner!

  4. Hahaha, I love you Jeremy, you're a funny guy! I'll come back in a little bit to try this out, my head is foggy.

  5. 1.EAT FIST !
    2.Sure I dress like a prison inmate, but I'm no ones bitch...
    I'm ZEBRA-MAN!
    As for being part of a contest... I wish I could participate, but I live in HELL!
    We only take in souls.


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