CassaFire by Alex J. Cavanaugh

It begins today...
So I am helping out a good friend who is having a busy day, cause his latest book is out today... the follow up to his successful book "CassaStar". I wish him all the best, not that he will need it... but for those of you don't know, I give you... "CassaFire". Now for more information and some other goodies I encourage you to go to my review site "TWO THUMBS" for my complete coverage.

Have you entered the Neatorama "ZOMBIE" Contest Yet? It ends in on March 1st [CLICK HERE]. All these wonderful things going on and I didn't even mention the "A TO Z CHALLENGE" today, we are trying to reach our 1000 participants by the end of the month. I made a few new banners/badges this week, I call this one "Ghost Smudges" (Inspired for my good friend Sharon @ Ghost Hunting Theories)... She and Julie also have a book coming out soon, but those details are coming... book about zombies [yeah].  I went for an artistic flair this time around, so go look at them and remember to sign up.

Since we go live with a rush, I thought why not Rush... Live, I give you "Working Man".
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. Thanks so much, Jeremy! And Rush's Working Man - awesome pick.

  2. That new banner looks like something from "The Woman in Black" movie, very nicely done.....

  3. All this book talk got me to thinking, I should write my own book. lol.

  4. I'm feeling a lot of CassaFire love as I do my lunchtime blog reading. :)

  5. Nice to see another mention of Alex's book CassaFire. I ordered a copy and CassaStar as well.

    I notice you have some custom touches on your image of the CassaFire book cover. I like it!


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