Rest In Peace...

Rest In Peace...
Sorry we lost a dear friend and composer the other day... Please click the image, read his works and listen to the track, THANK YOU. APRIL HAS IT'S TEARS!!

What is Alex doing Today... and Last Day for ZOMBIE Giveaway!

Well-Deserved Rest...
...I hope Alex's release of "CassaFIRE" was great, he is a cool person... and deserves a solid. As I am understanding he had over 200 people posting/hosting his release. All the best and I hope he is wearing his "Poros-Knit" and fending off the sleepy monsters with his "Zip-Zip".

Have you entered the "Neatorama" Zombie Pencil Holder - Giveaway [CLICK HERE], people it's less than 24 hours left. It's like a $35.00 value, what are you waiting for... I got mine the other day and I am fighting the wife for who gets it... It's that cool.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. Shock the Monkey and Biko are his best work to me....

  2. I was wiped out last night! Slept good and am now awake and ready to go again.

  3. Wish I had me one of those zip zips as a kid. but I can already imagine parents telling me "You'll shoot your eye out!"


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