What is Alex doing Today... and Last Day for ZOMBIE Giveaway!

Well-Deserved Rest...
...I hope Alex's release of "CassaFIRE" was great, he is a cool person... and deserves a solid. As I am understanding he had over 200 people posting/hosting his release. All the best and I hope he is wearing his "Poros-Knit" and fending off the sleepy monsters with his "Zip-Zip".

Have you entered the "Neatorama" Zombie Pencil Holder - Giveaway [CLICK HERE], people it's less than 24 hours left. It's like a $35.00 value, what are you waiting for... I got mine the other day and I am fighting the wife for who gets it... It's that cool.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. Shock the Monkey and Biko are his best work to me....

  2. I was wiped out last night! Slept good and am now awake and ready to go again.

  3. God damn that knit and zip zip are sexy! :)
    Universal Gibberish

  4. Wish I had me one of those zip zips as a kid. but I can already imagine parents telling me "You'll shoot your eye out!"


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