Rest In Peace...

Rest In Peace...
Sorry we lost a dear friend and composer the other day... Please click the image, read his works and listen to the track, THANK YOU. APRIL HAS IT'S TEARS!!

Young Set, Party Pet...

Come On when can you look this hot,
for this little?

We have a winner for the "Write the Caption" and that is "TheGreatWhiteDope" I will contact you and send out your silly prize... congratulations and thank you all for adding your comments. I just wanted to say it's in all good fun and that Zebra-man will always protect the innocent... or at least a bad dancer.

Okay on to the fun stuff...
I have a post over at the "A to Z Challenge" now I mention it cause I don't have that many posts... I am more of the behind the scenes co-host. Been designing some banners/badges for this, I wanted to invite you over there to join up... I have been thinking to having a contest "BLOGGER MAKEOVER" to you folks out there, to entice you to join. Still working out the bugs on that one, but for now I really want you to check it all out soon April is just around the corner.

Have a great day!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. And you've designed some awesome banners!

  2. Off to check out your A-Z post. I looked at the banners the other day...great job!

  3. Things were so much cheaper back then...


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