Young Set, Party Pet...

Come On when can you look this hot,
for this little?

We have a winner for the "Write the Caption" and that is "TheGreatWhiteDope" I will contact you and send out your silly prize... congratulations and thank you all for adding your comments. I just wanted to say it's in all good fun and that Zebra-man will always protect the innocent... or at least a bad dancer.

Okay on to the fun stuff...
I have a post over at the "A to Z Challenge" now I mention it cause I don't have that many posts... I am more of the behind the scenes co-host. Been designing some banners/badges for this, I wanted to invite you over there to join up... I have been thinking to having a contest "BLOGGER MAKEOVER" to you folks out there, to entice you to join. Still working out the bugs on that one, but for now I really want you to check it all out soon April is just around the corner.

Have a great day!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. And you've designed some awesome banners!

  2. Off to check out your A-Z post. I looked at the banners the other day...great job!

  3. Things were so much cheaper back then...


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