Friday the 13th and Cute Puppy Photo...

So we have to look at this day as either a creepy bad luck day or a holiday for people, so which do you think it should be. Either way it's a great day to bring up the whole "Jason Voorhees" thing and if you don't know I cannot tell you. Now why could they have not made the remake better, they had the elements... instead it was just another generic rip-off of it's original.

So on with the show... some facts about our friendly neighborhood repeat offender:

-Who is Jason's mother?

    Pamela Voorhees. Jason's mother Pamela Voorhees was the original killer from "Friday the 13th". She was played by Betsy Palmer.

-What happened to cause the mayhem at Camp Crystal Lake?

    Jason drowned in the lake. Jason drowned after falling (or being pushed) into Crystal Lake. The camp counselors were not paying attention to the children, and did not notice the drowning boy.

-Who was Jason's father?

    Elias Voorhees. Jason's father is Elias Voorhees. This information is found on several fan sites, as well as mentioned in "Jason Goes to Hell".

-When was Jason born?

    June 13, 1946. Jason was born on June 13, 1946. According to the films, that date was a Friday, although historically, it was a Thursday.

-Who played Jason in the first "Friday" movie?

    Ari Lehman. Ari Lehman played little Jason Voorhees in "Friday the 13th".

-In which "Friday" movie is Jason the victim of identity theft?

    Part 5. An impostor portrayed Jason in "Friday the 13th: Part 5".

-In which movie did Jason acquire his trademark hockey mask?

    Part 3. In "Part One", we don't see much of Jason. In "Part 2", Jason wears a burlap sack over his head. In "Part 3", Jason finally acquires the mask.

-A trip down memory lane: Jason bashes a girl against a tree while in her sleeping bag in "Jason X". In which other films does Jason dispose of unaware campers?

    Parts 2,3,4,6,7,8,9. Some kills are just so good, that they need to be used again. Jason is a master of disposing of unaware campers, who seem to enjoy taking tranquility for granted. Jason doesn't kill any campers in part one (his mother does the dirty work), in part 5 (the impostor), or in part 11 (none of the victims are camping). The actual "Sleeping Bag Kill" is used in Pat VII: A New Blood, and in Jason X.

-Which actor has portrayed Jason in the most films?

    Kane Hodder. Any Jason fan would know that Kane Hodder is by far the best master of mayhem, having played Jason in "Part 7", "Part 8", "Part 9", and "Jason X".

-Kane Hodder did NOT like to play tricks on people while dressed in the Jason costume.

    False. Kane was notorious for fooling around on set with the costume. He tells one story about how his dressing trailer was a 1/4 mile away from the set down a gravel road. He was walking back to his trailer in full Jason regalia, when a local yokel came up to him and asked if he was with the movie. He did the classic Jason trick and just stood there. The man asked him again, and Kane lunged at him and grunted. The man ran away, falling and tripping as if it was a scene from the movie.

Happy Friday Everyone!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. You know your Friday the 13th movies! And it's just another day for me.

  2. Good info, have a lucky day today zombie....

  3. LOL that would be so fun to scare the local yolkals.

  4. Fantastic post! Happy Friday the 13th. I think I'll be watching that movie later on after work. It's a ritual.

  5. Okay, I can imagine that prank and it cracks me up, though it's a bit messed up.

    Also funny was the fact that they didn't do their research and find an actual Friday the 13th.

    Good ol' Jason.


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