Vulgar, Cant & Slang Word From 1870: RUNNING STATIONER

RUNNING STATIONER, a hawker of books, ballads, dying speeches, and newspapers. Persons of this class formerly used to run with newspapers, blowing a horn, when they were sometimes termed flying STATIONERS. Now-a-days, in the event of any political or social disturbance, the miserable relics of these peripatetic newsmen bawl the heads of the telegram or information in quiet London thoroughfares, to the disturbance of the residents.
-Knowing is half the Battle


  1. I read "Knowing is half the battle" in GI-Joes voice. lol.

  2. Oh no! I just found one of these guys while researching my family tree, he's a great great uncle. Now I know what the term "Flying Stationer" mean on the census.
    Our family has always been a bunch of loud mouths, now I know it runs in the DNA...too funny!

  3. I see my belowed Teddy. Now tell me what you mean.

  4. zombie, i always ay that if i learn something new...

    art b, that is weird that i happened to find that around the same time...

    cal, covered...


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