Where Do We Go From Here?

Welcome 2012?
Lives change, people change, jobs change and us somewhere stuck in the middle. So where do we go in this fresh start they call 2012, do we have a plan... will you step up or out... what do we look forward to, can we be happy? Will it be the end of all things?

I know for me as of now... my unemployment is gone and there are no jobs in my field, though there are jobs out there it just doesn't pay. I will be [hopefully] surviving the best for me and my family, my wife is working extra hard to keep us floating... while going to work/school. So I ask myself is there a plan? Will this world eat me up? I want the best, but sometimes... I need to step up and pull myself from the middle. You all have been a huge support and many of you are my influence... cause you made it past the middle as you head towards the top.

We will see, so welcome 2012... Bring it on!
-Jeremy [iZombie]



  1. I for one really hope you survive! Don't give up - big things will happen.

  2. I'm still learning to adapt to change.

  3. You are and have all the elements you need, dear. You go forth and have new experiences. As an artist, it will enrich you. You will gain confidence. I usually find that doing something when I feel stuck seems like an impossible task, but if I just do something, anything, I break inertia and suddenly I serendipitously run into amazing opportunities, so my motto is simply to DO! Anything! Haha. I've found it to take me to amazing places and self discovery. You have a blank year ahead of you and you can fill it in. You're lucky. Most know what they'll still be doing on December 31, 2012. You don't, which means---anything is possible. How totally cool. p.s. your award is up at the zombie housewives with a link to your blog. Thanks!

  4. @alex, i never try to give up... sometimes the walls get thick.

    @lil D, just when you think you got together the elements change.

    @HWhisk, crossed fingers... the lemonade stand is looking really good right now.

    @Sharon, thank you i didn't think of it that way... i don't know what is coming. like a movie, good or bad... they all have a story. we will see how this chapter starts. your welcome on the ladies.


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