Special... Me Santa...and a Rose!

I was on a photo shoot last Valentine's Day to photo contest my good friend decided to enter, they wanted a red on red themed photo. So I had the idea to make it creepy [of course], so it is me in this photo...  I added some zombie flair to the original, just so it would not be so red on red...
The Santa suit I am wearing is from the 1960's, which was my grandfather's... somehow got passed down to me. Another thing I wore this Santa suit to a Halloween party and did not tell anyone who I was for a good 45 minutes, I sat in the corner and Ho, Ho, Ho'd... the party go'ers were a little frightened...

We did not win, though we shocked the hell out of the other entries...


  1. Sorry you did not win :( Not only is that a great story, it is an awesome picutre. You are just so talented. Always enjoy your creations.


  2. thank you, it was not a big deal, the shock value was the true winner... the faces were priceless.


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