Me, G.W.A.R. and my Mullet!

 the interview
 the look
helmet and member
Years ago I had interviewed members of the band "G.W.A.R." in the late 90's and I was having a small [Empire Records] chat about it with my blog sister Morgan @ "The Kid in the Hall"... I told I would try to find the photos and post them.  Story is these guys are crazy and at some point I lost control of the situation and I was becoming an honorary member of the band, boy it was a great time. Oh the stories of the rest of the day, I only wish I had more than a few photos...


  1. Not many people can say they've interviewed Gwar!
    And I think we all had a mullet at some point in our lives...

  2. Hey Zombie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came over to look about the place. Very nice to meet you.

  3. You're never going to show your face are you? Haha. ;)

    Awesome photos, bro! Chillin' with GWAR must be crazy fun. I love reading your stories. Share more! :)

  4. @mr bones... it was neato!
    @alex... mullets rule, why did they
    ever go away?
    @happy whisk... you same, you have a great place, when will my snowballs get here?
    @morgan... i have no face, my profile is much more snazzy..

  5. That is friggin awesome, if only you could have convinced them to let you join the group!

  6. @carl - true... i met them another time and they or very cool calculated dudes.


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