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Impromptu Haiku about Christmas
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My thoughts:

sleigh bells ring, listen
in the lane, snow falls clear down
cause red Claus is here


  1. Yes you have it Jeremy
    Thanks for joining in.
    I can almost hear Doris Day :O)

  2. Hey! I saw your comment on my blog and came over to meet you. Wow. Zombies! I need to get a friend of mine over here. He's all about some horror....

    I don't really do zombie/horror, but I like what you I'm gonna stalk you :)

    I played with your spider for a while; cool change from all the fish and hamsters!

    ps-the ghost zombies on here ate my comment @_@

    hahaha: word verification-undowear!

  3. Yay for Red Claus!! Oh this is good - audacious and wickedly fun! thank you!!!

    Take care

  4. i am glad i could be part of the writing things... i wrote ten years ago and stopped to personal issues... i find myself missing it...

    @mad - i love doris day, thanks for your blogging brain.

    @word craft - i love verification phrases... i try to put them into the post... and stalk away... it's nice to be loved... from a distance at least that is what your restraining order says.

    @kitty - thank you, i do have a sense for the dark stuff... well at least that what the voices tell me...

  5. Red Claus - I love it. I can almost hear people singing this one!

  6. @ellie - i am not sure if red claus is good or bad sign of the holidays? kind of like jack from the nightmare before christmas... i guess if he is showing up, we better watch out, better not cry... he is coming to town...


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