Fair Dinkum Award and a Hearty THANK YOU!

I have to say when I began this blog it was a joke, that I would never thought to take off... some silly idea in my head.  I have made some good friends and have been part of a world I did not think possible, I know I am going on about this.  It has been a rough year from unemployment, to my 18 year old cat passing away, to my brother's oldest son passing away, to even the squirrel eating my wires in my truck and the list goes on.  

Everyday I come here and cross my fingers that there is a comment waiting to be read, tells me someone comes here.  Now don't get me wrong there was some great stuff in the last year... we got Casey [kitten] from a kill shelter and rescued him from this awful place, I finally got a photo of a hawk [long story], got to finally see my brother's home and his wonderful family [though i wish better situation] and meeting many of you here or on your blogs...

So I have turned this into a end of the year letter, instead of it just being a blogger award... but that is what makes this place mine... I can do it... It's what it's all about, sharing stuff... about anything.

So one of my good friends "Ellie Garratt" has given me this "Fair Dinkum Award" which is Australian phrase which as an adjective means “real” and as an expression means “Seriously?” or “For real?”... I wanted to thank her and pass it along to a few well deserving sites, that I have grown to love...

Midnite Media

and a few more:

Fascination With Fear 
Enter The Man-Cave 
in between thoughts 


  1. Fantastic award and thank you so much. I can relate to the drama and the upheaval. This year was intensely tough for me but a necessary rite of passage out of a long-dead marriage. I have an issue with staying with people even long past their niceness wears off and their true nature exposes itself. I was in it for 26 years, 31 if you count that we started dating as teens. Your comments here make me realize that sometimes in the middle of chaos taking a little personal risk is actually a bigger payoff. You starting this blog was the beginning of what I know will be many serendipitous happenings. One thing, leading to another until you are surprised where you end up. It's a wild ride, but at least it's a chaos of your own making and not one imposed on you by events in the world around you. You have a great blog here, great personality and I see this becoming a godsend. Had I not started my blog, I never would have realized my worth to leave my marriage. That's why I wanted to do hug-a-blogger, to show how united we truly are. Sometimes, hearing from my blog friends is even better than my local friends. I'm so glad you joined the blogging family. I'm sorry for your losses. I realize over time what they can do for you and every bad thing has a good thing and sometimes it's just the strength we garner from going through it.

  2. That's very kind of you, Zombie! Thanks a lot, and I hope you have a great holiday and a new year that brings you much happiness and success!

  3. Congratulations on the award.
    And despite the dips in your life this past year, glad you are still hanging with us. This is a safe haven for all.

  4. And where would any of us be without Jer the Great heading the pack?? Jer, you have been a great friend to all of us in the last year, and your efforts with the HBA have helped out more people than you'll know. Thanks for passing along the awesomeness!

  5. iZombie,

    Thanks for the award--fair dinkum indeed!--and thanks for always pitching in a helping hand or a nice little comment. I hope that things go great in the new year, and that your artwork will grace many a cover of Spatter Analysis in the future.

    Hey, nothing wrong with a little cross-promotion, is there? ;-)


  6. Thanks iZomb! Sorry you had so much turmoil this year, so here's to hoping that there is a better '11 ahead for all of us.

    Again thank you for being a great blogger buddy, loyal reader and keep on keeping on, my man!

  7. I understand what you're going through. I'm so sorry to hear that and I hope you are doing much better. Thank you for the award. Glad we became friends this year and Happy Holidays! :)

  8. i wanted to first thank everyone... for such kind words, this is what i am talking about... you all hear my woes and even with your own personal ups and downs, you took the time to be a strong force in support and be uplifting.

    today is another horror, and the black cloud that hangs over my head... woke to the chug, chug of the heater in my house and a breezy 50 degrees. i guess, it is success=failure+surviving... i know that is backwards...

    @Autumnforest - it does get better, live is too short at least the parts you can remember. i am glad you found your strength, my first marriage went down in flames and took 15 years to figure it out. you have been a wonderful friend and encouraging force.

    @matt - you have a great blog and i always look forward to friday nights... how was the horror con... did you meet my lady?

    @alex - i am happy i stumbled on you site and the verge of your book release... you have introduced me again to the joy of writing.

    @carl - you are like my web brother i have enjoyed getting to know you and your family... you are a very open and honest guy and the king!

    @jmetro - hell yeah, cross promotion is key to all of our success... i am in for the covers...

    @geof - you have a fun blog and you can see you enjoy life to the fullest... i want to be you when i grow up!

    @jenny - did you ever win the hottest horror chick? you know you are in my heart... you are!

    @morgan - i am always here if you need to talk, you have been an amazing force in the retro 80's and will forever be that girl... marlo thomas style...

  9. Awwe thank you! But sadly no I didn't win but that's okay at least I made it to the top 5. :)

  10. dear Zombie,
    thank you so much for the mention, I am truly honored :). your positivity in character and your blog is so inspiring! keep it up and despite hardships in real life, stay positive! (I think you already do!) thanks again and I wish you a happy holiday season :)

  11. Such a touching and heartfelt post, Jeremy. One of the reasons I passed the award along to you is that I think you are truly a geniune and caring guy.

    I'm so sorry to read of what a trying year you and your family have had, and I pray that 2011 will bring many wonderous things into your life.

  12. Thanks so much for the mention and congrats on the award. My blog is clearly the oddball of the bunch, but somehow you found it and it brought something to your life. Thanks for being there when I was down and I hope I properly returned the favor during your down time. Hopefully the future brings lots of ups. May 2011 be the year of the dead!

  13. thanks to everyone again for being strong and supportive...

    @jenny - that's okay you are the path to next year's win... and you always have my vote... you are my favorite golden girl and have a strong sense of the being the scream queen!

    @in between thoughts - i came upon your site, and you share so much life and happiness in your photos, friends and food. it is just great to see it. happy holidays!

    @ellie - thank you... you write from your soul and you can feel your passion, i am truly blessed to befriending you.

    @ant - you have a celebration of art, family, sports, movies and moving thoughts of chico... but on a happier note your site offers a great read...

    may the best of 2011 find you, find all of us.

  14. The con was awesome, but I only took in a few glances at Harris. She is always a nice sight for my eyes, I'll tell you that much!

  15. Sorry to be so late in saying "thanks" - really appreciate the award. Always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your latest creation.

    Here is to the new year. Celebrate this life every single moment you have the chance :)


  16. @matt - argh she is that ship who keeps passing in the night and i am the day... feel free to share any of those photos we talked about...

    @frog queen - you have a very good happy outlook, i find that very inspirational... life is a series of moments... breath and you can miss it.
    i hope the best of 2011 hits everyone in the most uplifting way...



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