AdSense or Any Other Ad Space?... iZombie Is For Rent...

Does anyone use this or any other potential money add-on that actually make you some money? I do not want to have random advertisers I would like to pick my own, if even possible.  So if there is anyone out there who might have some ideas, I would sure appreciate the help or advice!


  1. I use adsense and I have no control over what ads get displayed on my blog. I do know that Google tries to match what you are talking about with what gets published so I get a lot of Groupon ads on my blog. You seem to have a larger following than I do so you might make some money off of it. I on the other hand make about 2 dollars a month from ad revenue. I have learned that clicks generate a couple sense, but sometimes I'll get a click that generates 50 cents instead of 1 or 2. I'm guessing that person either buys stuff from the ad or they surf the ad site instead of just clicking and closing the page. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Honestly, The Google Affiliates where you pick the ads suck. I have Adsense but it took me about 8 months to make $100 even with the amount of traffic my blog gets. I'm not really thrilled with any of it so far. Good luck. So far, my adsense basically pays for my blog giveaways and that's it.

  3. ILHM has made $0.01 a day for 2 years, and I still cant collect on it. Wish I did know how to cash in on blogging, but alas..

  4. thanks for the helpful thoughts, maybe as blogs we should attack companies that best suits our particular styles... and it sort of good news that a profit can be made even if it is a little...


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