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Building My Dream...

I am building a site that will have some of my retro-art, stuff with class and a touch of evil... though there are bugs to worked out... big bugs.  So please stop by, the hope is to have it functional by New Year's Day. I will also take request for art/design, who knows it you all may like it...


  1. Good luck and lots of fun with the new site. Happy 2011.

  2. What's the url, or is it jmhdigital.com?

  3. So you're an artist, too? I can't wait to see!

  4. I can't wait to see what you do. You always inspire me.

  5. i hope it is not a let down, i am hoping to offer it... one of my friends just showed me something she was working on... and boo... it was very close to what i was doing. she must have broken into my house and stole it from my head....

    i am digital artist, with big retro dreams... anyone know where to sell it?


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