Last of 2010... Bitching!

I think I am going to make an unofficial Blogfest, "Bitching About Ten Years"... cause I have this black cloud that has hung over my head for the last 10 years. Can anyone take these curses off, remove hexes, exorcisms, maybe pull this atomic wedgie out of my back end...

So come one, come all... let your anger out of the bad things, and your hopes for 2011
Make your Bitchin' be heard, join my Blogfest now...No Official Rules... just post and start Bitchin!

Almost to the end of the year and the furnace goes out, try find someone to fix it near the pending holiday...
 Now I walk into our kitchen this morning and the fuse blows, now I am standing in the dark... no light, no coffee and best of all no replacement fuse....
 Add cat with a nasty hair ball, for like four hours and me finding it all in the dark, and on top of it... it's raining!

So happy last ten years... could all my personal bad stuff please be gone, it just keep coming...



  1. I'll bitch because it's about 30 degrees outside and cloudy and not a flake in sight! I want to see snow in Phoenix!!! I've come to look at my life like a romantic comedy. The past few months have been ridiculous--red tape up the wazoo, nothing working as it should, customer service is totally useless, can't get people to do their jobs and make things happen, but I would plop down on the floor of my new apartment after leaving my 26-year marriage and cry. Then, I started to look around me at how I left the marriage without furniture, figured I didn't want "his stuff." I didn't have a chair to cry in. Somehow, it just struck me as a scene from a bad romantic comedy when the director just throws ridiculous things at the heroine and sees how she reacts, but in the long run, she has smiles and love and laughter. So, I started to chuckle and wonder what life's director will toss at me next. If you see it as adorable and ridiculous, goofy and Lucille-Ball-like, it's quite charming when everything goes wrong. It's part of a plot that ends with a romantic embrace and sunshine and birds singing... (mind you, this is assuming my life is a romantic comedy and not a tragic comedy)....

  2. *in a teeny voice* I like the rain...

    But I'm terribly sorry about all the rest. Dang!

    My only gripe is people who can't drive. They should just stay home or get a driver!

    I really hope your new year is better!

  3. Nice, bitching is the healthiest form of self expression lol.. Happy New Year Jer-dawg!

  4. What an end to the year - you bitch ahead! Okay. Here's my bitch:

    What is it with people who have money becoming the tightest gits ever? Why? I'm not asking people to share it or give me any, but why the crappy I-paid-$5-for-it presents at Christmas?

    Even worse is the, sorry-it's-not-much-but-I-didn't-know-what-to-get-you presents. Hello? I like to write, so any of the following would be greatly appreciated: pens, paper, note-pads, ink-cartridges, books, book-vouchers, writing magazines, mugs, coffee and so on.

    God that felt good. Thanks, Jeremy.

  5. ohhh, and i thought i was having a bad day or decade... you all will overcome it... strong people with strong wills.

    and yeah my family doesn't even know what i do for a living. i got a gym bag and water bottles... come on i am a computer junkie... gift cards to best buy... or maybe they do know me and they are giving me a hint... to go outside.


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