Pretty, Gone Zombie

the question do they look like zombies or flesh eaters?


  1. The top one looks like a zombie. What's the difference in a zombie and a flesh eater? Is a flesh eater a ghoul? Here's a question for you - you seem to be a zombie expert. Should zombies be slow, like Night of the Living Dead, or fast like some more recent movies? I vote for slow, but I am old school.

  2. joel,

    definitely slow, when the thought of being dead something has to give out like the motor skills of walk... as of late movies make them running and very articulate, but if you need to eat brains to feed or heal i think that you should have a weakness. i go for basic nonessential like the ability to walk...

    i thought to myself that zombies craved brains and flesh eaters were not picky to what their needs to survive... it could also be the level or stage that you as a zombie would be at... just turned or been living dead for some time...


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