"N" NEVER FAILS... FAT IS FOLLY! #atozchallenge

To make this simple for the BLOGGING A TO Z CHALLENGE [2016] I have made the posts images of old stuff, fun old stuff and if you are old(er) you might remember. You might be interested to know about my new digital magazine "SIX STRINGS" brought to you by the label I work with called HOWLIN' WOLF RECORDS" and yes I want to promote the magazine. There will be a special "SIX STRINGS: A TO Z CHALLENGE" edition for free and like all the other magazines... they are free.

I would love for you all to click on over and get 1, get them all... you will not be disappointed,  so here is the link:


BEEP... BEEP... So I have great news, our gear is here. I wanted to let those who are going to make it to show their support and that you have finished the A TO Z CHALLENGE [2016]. To find out more please [CLICK HERE], you will be transported to the store and well there you are.

SHARE/LIKE/COMMENT... Thank you, I return you all to your regularly scheduled program....

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  1. Listerine - and you thought it was just to freshen breath!
    My Monday post is overflowing, so will post the ad for the survivor t-shirt the following Monday. Great job, Jeremy.

  2. Now, after some politicians' speeches, I have wanted to take a bath in Listerine! :-)

  3. Soap to get rid of fat? Wouldn't that be nice if it did?

  4. Wonderful pics also a wonderful T shirt.

  5. It has many uses--some would surprise you!

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  6. Oh how I wish fat could be washed away! Another good post. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

  7. Wow. "Learned" a lot today. Knitted-in figure control, obesity soap, Listerine to cure dandruff...

  8. This is quite hilarious if you look at it. I wish "obesity soap" was actually a thing though.

  9. I remember my grandmother wearing those Jantzen outfits. She thought they were sexy and my grandfather had a fit when she wore them without a coverup. My how times have changes. Fantastic photos, I'm psyched you have the T-shirts ready! Yeah! You're my hero.

    Melissa Sugar@
    Melissa Sugar Writes

  10. Great old ads. Obesity soap is a new one for me. An old claim that may be revived! I wish we could order the survival gear in India. I really want that T shirt.

  11. Obesity soap - I wonder what dreadful magic ingredient that had in it?! Oh and Listerine is after the dandruff again (since I'm reading backwards :)).
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