Q: What does RED, GAMES, CLEAR, SUM and SHADOW have in Common?

Answer: In Comments

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  1. A: All feature the Character Jack Ryan a fictional character created by Tom Clancy who appears in many of his novels and their respective film adaptations.

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) Played by Chris Pine
    The Sum of All Fears (2002) Played by Ben Affleck
    Clear and Present Danger (1994) Played by Harrison Ford
    Patriot Games (1992) Played by Harrison Ford
    The Hunt for Red October (1990) Played by Alec Baldwin

  2. Although I'm not fond of Alec Baldwin I did think he made a fantastic Jack Ryan. Looking forward to seeing the Chris Pine version. (I do think they are taking some liberties for this movie though.)

  3. Clear and Present Danger & Patriot Games were my faves.

  4. Ryan. Jack Ryan.

    It's a shame they decided to reboot the character with Chris Pine and a new storyline that's not based on any of the books. I would have much rather seen Harrison Ford continue with the character, taking on one of the later books where he's President.

  5. I had no idea about the answer to this, but I must say it's a great idea for a blog activity.


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