Freaky Friday and Catch the FEAR!

I wanted to mention I am doing more stuff than I have done to better shout out my blogs... I am trying to be part of this new app "THE CRYPT" which is association with Eli Roth [Horror Director, Actor]. Many of my great friends are running in the background on this project and I am looking to be the score/soundtrack expert... cause you know I have this site "HOWLIN’ WOLF: OLM".

Second I am trying to be part of the members of the great and powerful "FEARNET" channel, have you seen my commercial yet? Well they have a new design for 2014 and they reached out to many of us fans you help bring it to the surface. Still working out all the bugs, but I am bringing more to my readers and followers...

So I am keeping up with the crazy! So
LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE... where you can!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. You made the commercial? One of your best videos, Jeremy!

  2. Great job Jeremy and that app looks sweet. You're blog is best I've seen for following soundtrack in film.

  3. Fear not the work, J-man, and keep yourself busy!


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