Have a SMOKE...

The move is done, done on the second coldest day in the last 20 years. I am so very tired, my fingers are swollen and my brain... my brain. No I don't smoke, it's just some of my photos I shot as I share those... and our favorite the little brown dog "Hollie", rest in peace! :(
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Brain freeze?
    Really sorry the move had to happen this week. I can't imagine doing it in below zero temperatures. You're done, it's over, take a hot shower and relax.
    I don't think you've ever posted a photo of Hollie befor

  2. Congrats on your accomplishment, now you can do more important things like climbing Mt Everest. I hear it is warmer than that this time of year.

  3. Glad to hear you are done with your move. I know it was a long hard task. Dragon hugs!

  4. Great photos, Jeremy - I love looking at smoke plumes, I see so much in the patterns they make.
    Little Hollie - what a sweetie, sorry she's no longer with you.

    I'll have to do a little back reading to catch up on your move - hope all went well.

    Cheers, Jenny


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